Parish Giving

Parish Giving

St. Francis of Assisi “Parish Giving” provides our parishioners with the opportunity to use Electronic Funds Transfer as an alternative method for giving.


Parish Giving
is offered to you free of charge.  At the same time, St. Francis of Assisi Parish will benefit from a reliable, more efficient and more convenient means to process the contributions that make it possible to support our mission.

On the Parish Giving website, you will be able to select from the various opportunities to contribute to our parish and other initiatives. Keep in mind that all contributions are processed once a month. The following is an overview of some of the features:

  • Ability to make one-time contributions
  • Ability to make recurring contributions
  • Ability to contribute to multiple organizations
  • Ability to select your billing date
  • Ability to use Credit Card or Electronic Bank Transfer
  • Ability to access end of year contribution reports

Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi Parish Giving!