Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

A consultative body presided over by the Pastor whose role is to advise and assist the Pastor in areas of pastoral concerns. The Council is comprised of parishioners’ representative of the entire parish, recognizing and reflecting the parish’s rich diversity.

The Pastoral Council develops and maintains a Strategic Pastoral Plan that reflects the identity and mission of the parish in light of the Gospel, Church teachings and the specific realities and needs of the parish. The Parish Pastoral Council is to cooperate with parish committees which address such areas of parish life as worship, spirituality, community, evangelization, education, and service.

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Back in February 2018, Our Parish participated in a national survey
conducted by the Catholic Leadership Institute.

In May 2019, The Catholic Leadership Institute assisted us with
Focus Groups
to gain further insight into our DMI Results.

Pastoral Council is formulating Pastoral Priorities that will enable us to
discern and plan how God is guiding us now and into the future.
The Key Strengths, Areas of Opportunity, and the input/feedback from
the Parish Focus Groups  will be an integral part of this plan.

PASTORAL PLANNING November 2014 ~ May 2015


SFA-Springfield HS settlement agreement July 2017

  • Fall 2018: New Springfield High School
    Work on the project is underway, with trailers, fencing and security/sound protection being installed around the construction area.