Small Church Communities

Small Church Communities


A Small Church Community is a group of 8-10 parishioners who meet weekly or monthly in private homes or rectory meeting spaces to break open the Sunday readings and share how God’s Word touches their hearts.


Why Join A Small Church Community?

The reasons are many…

  • To grow in your faith,
  • meet new people,
  • share your relationship with God,
  • put your faith in action,
  • deepen your sense of parish community,
  • receive support for your faith journey,
  • expand your appreciation of Scripture or Catholic spiritual literature.


“Whether you were baptized as a child or joined the Church as an adult, you have a story of faith. Whether you sincerely live your faith in quiet or have a great public ministry, you have a story of faith. Whether you have a grade – school knowledge of the catechism or have a theological degree, you have a story of faith. We all have – and are stories of faith


Contact: Madelyn McBride at the Rectory (610) 543-0848 ext. 118