The White Elephant

The White Elephant Thrift Shop

Will be Closing its doors on Saturday, December 14, 2019

For the past 28 years, Parish staff and very dedicated Volunteers have managed the operation and the selling of donated goods placed in the parish’s White Elephant Thrift Shop.  All proceeds have benefited the parish.

Two years ago, a study was undertaken by Thrift Shop staff to evaluate its ongoing operation and future as a ministry of St. Francis Parish. It was determined, based on many factors such as; decrease in customer volume and sales, competition from surrounding thrift shops, easy on-line access to items sold at thrift store prices, community and individual yard sales, that the Thrift Shop no longer fulfills its role as a ministry of the Parish.

Once the study was completed, the results were shared with the Parochial Administrator, Father Tralies, who then met with the entire Thrift Shop volunteers. A discussion ensued which led to the conclusion that the shop no longer meets the need that it once did.

Therefore, the White Elephant Thrift Shop will close its doors on
Saturday, December 14, 2019.
In order to move existing inventory, donations will not

be accepted after Saturday, September 28th


Regular Store Hours:
Tuesdays & Saturdays
9 AM ~ 2 PM

For questions regarding items accepted,
please call The White Elephant (610) 543-8184